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Education system in NZ

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There are 8 government-funded universities in New Zealand and all have internationally respected academic and research standards.

Institute of technology and Polytechnics

ITPs in New Zealand are public government-funded tertiary institutes that are focused on applied, technical, vocational and professional education.

Private Training Institutions

There are around 600 private training institutions and around 20 industry training organizations..

Bachelor’s Degree

A Bachelor’s degree programme generally is for a duration of 3-4 years.

Master’s Degree

The course of study is usually of one or two year’s full-time study or its equivalent in part-time study.


New Zealand is a great option for doctoral students. You will experience a collaborative and supportive research culture that’s connected to business and industry around the world.



New Zealand offers a safe learning environment. trust is built on the belief in the importance of  each student ‘s role, on the passion and enthusiasms.

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Excellent Quality Assurance System

New Zealand’s education system provides international students with:

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Degree Costs

Many of new zealand undergraduate degrees can be completed in three years, which would  save a year of tuition and living cost.

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Did you know New Zealand Ranks 5th As The Most Prosperous Country In The World?

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